If you have a machine that Take Control says is not installed or a heartbeat is not detected, if you can get to it with other means, perform the following.  I had to open a case with Solarwinds but this does work.

At your earliest convenience can you please test take control on the device. I was able to get it to install properly this time.

What I did was

1. Go to Settings > Properties > Uncheck Install Take Control

2. I then deleted this folder C:\Program Files (x86)\BeAnywhere Support Express\GetSupportService_N-Central

3. Go back to Settings > Properties > Reinstall Take Control

I observed that the folder GetSupportServiice_N-central was missing a large number of files necessary for take control to run

in the installation log


2021-01-20 11:03:34 - Installation successful...

2021-01-20 11:03:34 - Extracting embedded configuration files...

2021-01-20 11:03:34 - Extracting configuration files... Extracting configuration files to  C:\ProgramData...

2021-01-20 11:03:34 - Saving language to .ini - 1033 | en

2021-01-20 11:03:34 - Launching configuration application... C:\Program Files (x86)\BeAnywhere Support Express\GetSupportService_N-Central\BASupSrvcCnfg.exe

It reported everything was installed healthy, but that did not reflect what was actually visible on the file system, I suspected existing files were causing a conflict with the re-installation and removed them. At that point, the installation worked.